Leaks from above

If you have a leak coming through your ceiling, report it to us.

For severe leaks

Call us on 020 7525 2600
  • place a bucket or bowl under the leak to catch the water until we arrive
  • speak to your neighbour upstairs if you're able to; they may be unaware of the problem and could stop it without needing a repair
  • turn off the lights in the room affected

For slight leaks

You can report the repair by login on to your MySouthwark account.

Report a repair

For persistent leaks

Let us know by sending us an email at repairs@southwark.gov.uk and we will assign an officer to help you.

After the leak is repaired

Damage to your possessions can be claimed through your home contents insurance.

If your neighbour has a leak from your home

You must do all you can to stop the leak quickly. If we need access to your home it's important you allow us entry; otherwise you could be charged for the extra damage. If you don’t allow us access, we may need to arrange a forced entry, which will result in more charges to you.

Common causes of leaks are:

  • damaged tiling and bath seals
  • leaks under baths or hidden pipes
  • water splashing whilst bathing or shower curtains not fitted properly
  • a fridge defrosting
  • a loose washing machine connection
  • a blocked sink

If you notice a leak within your home, turn off your stop-valve immediately. 

If you're a tenant, report the repair to us. 

If you're a leaseholder, you'll need to pay a plumber to repair the problem (unless it's a communal pipe). If you have tenant's who rent your property, you must ensure they allow the repairs to be done.

Page last updated: 15 February 2019