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Communal key requests

We can book the keys for your engineer to access your building’s boiler house, lift motor room, plant room, electrical intake cupboard or roof area.

You can order new communal access (ASSA) keys and entry fobs.  

If you're a leaseholder, you may require consent from our conveyancing team ahead of these works. For instance - if you're replacing your property’s consumer unit or fuse box, you must receive approval first.

Booking a key

Email us your key request.

We require the following information to book the keys:

  1. The reason your engineer requires access
  2. The date they require access
  3. The name of the company the attending engineer works for
  4. Your address
  5. The location where the works will take place (boiler house/lift motor room/plant room/electrical intake cupboard/roof area)

We require the engineer’s name and contact number.

Communal key request
Lock barrel

To ensure we book the correct key(s), you must attach a photo to the email with a clear photograph of the lock’s barrel. Please see the example image of a lock barrel on this page.


Only the approved contractor can collect the key. The contracted engineer will need to provide company photographic identification for the keys to be released.

We'll never authorise an occupant to collect the keys.

Failure to return the key(s) on time could incur a penalty charge to the company.

The key(s) can be collected by the engineer from 9.15am and must be returned by 4.45pm (the latest collection time is 3pm) on the same day. We only issue keys Monday to Friday within these times.

Once confirmed we'll reply with a confirmation email including the collection address.

Out of hours emergency access

All emergency access requests, such as power outages that occur outside 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, should be reported by calling 0800 952 4444 or 020 7525 2600.

Our repairs technical officer will attend to provide access to your utility provider’s engineer.

Page last updated: 02 May 2023


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