Great Estates Programme

The Council Plan 2018-2022 includes commitments to launch a Great Estates Programme which guarantees that every estate is clean, safe and cared for and to give residents the tools to garden and improve their estate. The Great Estates Programme is about:

  • celebrating and affirming our council estates for the long-term
  • highlighting the positives as a landlord, but also setting a higher standard
  • identifying new ways to improve the look, feel and lived experience of our estates

This includes an “expand and enrich” approach:

  • expand - identifying appropriate sites on our estates for building new council homes
  • enrich - finding new ways of working with residents to improve the look, feel and lived experience of our estates

Great Estates guarantee and commitments

As part of the Great Estates Programme, the council will be agreeing a set of Great Estates Guarantee and Commitments to ensure the basics are being done well and a clear set of expectations for the council and residents. This will help ensure the council and our residents are working effectively together to make our estates clean, safe and cared for.

The Estate improvement plan pilots

To help enrich our estates, the council is also developing Estate Improvement Plans to create new opportunities for residents to come together to improve the shared living experience of our estates.

The council will run a number of Estate Improvement Plan Pilots on a mix of estates across the borough. Currently, £970k is available this year and we hope to also identify other external funds.

We want to hear your views, be it general or specific, about what would improve your estate. Please visit our Great Estates consultation page to find out more about how you can submit your ideas.

The Great Estates guide

The Great Estates guide (pdf, 3.2mb) provides a series of case studies to help inform the development of Estate Improvement Plans. It's a living document which is regularly updated to highlight the art of the possible. It includes a series of excellent case studies from across Southwark and beyond, gardening and food growing, to painting and lighting, cleanliness new kinds of signage and wayfinding through to public art. We're also very excited to hear residents’ ideas about other examples we should include within this guide.

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Page last updated: 06 December 2019