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Non-payment of garage rental

If you do not pay your garage rent, you may be liable for additional charges or legal action.

Your garage rent is due in advance and rent is charged on a weekly basis. If you do not pay your rental charges, we can repossess your garage which will result in additional charges being added to your debt.

You can make garage rental payments online, over the phone, via Direct Debit, or by using a rent swipe card. For more details, visit our garage rental payments and refunds page.

Help with paying garage rental

If you miss payments on your garage rent account, we will contact you by post to request payment.

If you are struggling to pay, you can contact the Garages Income Team on 0207 525 1477 or by completing this online form.

Notice to quit

If you receive a Notice to Quit letter from us, this is because you owe money on your garage account. 

A Notice to Quit is a legal requirement informing you that if you do not pay the money owed before the notice expires in 14 days, we will repossess the garage and you will lose access to it.

You need to clear the balance in full by the expiry date of the Notice to Quit.

If you do not pay your rent in advance, the garage may still be repossessed.

Repossession of garage

If you do not respond to a Notice to Quit letter, your garage will be repossessed.

The garage locks will be changed. A charge for this will be added to your account. You must not tamper with the locks or attempt to gain access to the garage.

If you do not clear your debt after repossession or terminating your account, we will take legal action in the county court. This will result in additional charges being added to your debt.

Removal of vehicle or goods

Once the garage has been repossessed, you will be sent a Section 41 letter explaining that you must contact the repossession officer to arrange removal of your vehicle or goods.

You can contact the repossession officer by calling 0207 525 1477 and choosing option two.  

If you do not remove your vehicle or goods from the garage by the expiry date on the Section 41 letter, we will remove and dispose of your goods. A charge for this will be added to your garage rent account. 

Page last updated: 06 September 2023


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