Citizens Advice Southwark

Citizens Advice Southwark

Citizens Advice Southwark provides free, confidential and independent legal advice and information to leaseholders and freeholders who bought their properties from Southwark Council, through Right to Buy or from a previous owner.

We provide independent legal advice on general and specialised leasehold and freehold matters including:

  • challenging annual service charges and major works payment demands; for example, if you think the council is charging too much on services or major works, or you believe you are being charged for items that have not been done
  • your rights to be consulted on works and provided with information
  • challenging the standard of services or building works that you think are not value for money
  • responding to claim forms for unpaid service charges and major works
  • neglect of the building or estate which is affecting your property
  • understanding your rights and responsibilities under the lease / freehold transfer
  • understanding the Council’s repair obligations
  • applications to Southwark’s Tenant and Leasehold Arbitration Panel, Service Charge Arbitration Panel  and the First-Tier Tribunal (formerly known as LVT)

If appropriate, we may be able to represent you at arbitration or tribunal hearings.

We can also assist on a range of other issues that may affect you paying service charges such as:

  • debt 
  • benefits
  • employment

For an appointment, please call 020 7237 9532 to speak  to a member of the team. Alternatively you can email:  or write to: Leasehold, Citizens Advice Southwark, 8 Market Place, Southwark Park Road, London SE16 3UQ.

Page last updated: 04 December 2017


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