Food access if your income is affected by COVID-19

Find out how to get emergency support in Southwark if you can’t afford food because you have had a loss or interruption in your income due to COVID-19.

Emergency hardship fund to help you pay for basic needs

Our emergency hardship fund is for you if you have had a sudden loss or interruption to income because of COVID-19 and lack other resources to meet your household’s basic needs for short periods. We give food vouchers or help with your bills, rather than cash support.

You can access the emergency hardship scheme online or by calling Southwark Emergency Support on 020 7525 2434. This includes help as you wait for your first Universal Credit or other benefit payments.

Free school meals for children

We also help families with children at school by providing free school meals. Check if your child can receive free school meals during COVID-19.

Support from community food organisations, fridges and food banks

Get help if you can’t afford to buy food by using local food banks, community pantries or low-cost food options. Find out about additional support available for pregnant women, children and young people.

Page last updated: 14 March 2022


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