About the Housing Solutions service

Customer feedback and surveys

You said, we did

What you said

“Would appreciate a quicker service”

“Very slow service, good advice”

“Waiting time was too long”

What we did

We've increased the number of staff in our Customer Service team to provide a more efficient service. Having listened to the feedback, we're currently looking into improving how we can better communicate the way our appointment times work. We schedule our appointments to allow us to run a busy service efficiently. By improving our communication, it will allow service users to plan their visit and waiting time in a way that's best for them.

Meet and Greet Officers have been reintroduced to ensure customers are where they need to be and have arrived for their appointments. The officers floorwalk the reception area to ensure customers are not having to wait longer than necessary.

What you said

“Reception staff really helpful, emergency housing came across as judgmental”

What we did

We've carried out a series of training to help improve our customer care. The training across our service has included equalities and complaint handling training. Training has been completed on ‘Collaboration without collusion’, which is a course designed to improve skills on how to create and maintain professional relationships with complex service users.

We've also recently employed an officer with an experience of homelessness which strengthens the empathy between our service and our customers.

All front line staff will attend training early in 2018 for motivational interviewing and homeless assessment. This will include developing the following range of skills:

  • feedback
  • reflective listening
  • affirmation
  • rapport building


If you've recently used any of our services, you may want to complete our You Said We Did feedback and suggestion form online. There's also an option to join our customer focus groups.

Page last updated: 19 December 2019