A guide to searching for death and burial records in Southwark

Cemeteries outside of Southwark

Abney Park Cemetery 

One of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries alongside Nunhead (All Saints) Cemetery. These large private cemeteries were built in the early to mid-nineteenth century to help alleviate the overcrowding of church graveyards following an act of Parliament in 1832. They were open to all. Many of London’s nonconformist burials were performed at Abney Park Cemetery.

Brookwood Cemetery 

Links with London parishes were developed through contracts with the Poor Law Guardians for the burial of the parish poor. Although the promoters of Brookwood Cemetery anticipated that most metropolitan parishes would select their burial ground, very few did so.

  • the parish of Bermondsey had links to Brookwood from 1854 to c.1900
  • the parish of St Saviour, Southwark also had a dedicated plot there from 1854 to c.1900
  • Brookwood Hospital (Surrey County Lunatic Asylum) had links to Brookwood from c.1867 to c.1965  

Records for Brookwood are available on Deceased Online

Woking Crematorium 

The first crematorium in the country was at Woking, owned by the London Cremation Company (opened 1885).

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