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Tree preservation orders and conservation areas

Conservation areas

You can find out if a tree or your home is within a conservation area by visiting our planning pages. You'll find a list of conservation areas and information about the process for carrying out any other types of works within a conservation area.

Checking if a tree is within a conservation area

You must check:

The specified size of the tree is different depending on whether the tree is:

  • stand alone - measure the diameter of the tree at 1.5 m above the ground; if the diameter is 7.5 cm or more
  • part of a group - measure the diameter of the tree at 1.5 m above the ground; if the diameter is 10 cm or more
You must give six weeks notice to the Planning Department of your intention to carry out works

Trees - The Dulwich Estate

Works to Trees within the Dulwich Estate Scheme of Management are subject to licence. If the tree is also located within a Conservation Area or subject to a TPO, prior approval is required from Southwark Council.

It's a criminal offence to undertake unauthorised works to protected trees.

Applications for works to trees are free of charge and can be submitted either digitally, by visiting the Planning Portal or as a paper document.

Find a copy of the application form.

A copy of the Dulwich Estate Licence may be submitted in support of your application along with any other relevant material, including photos, a sketch plan identifying the tree’s location and a tree survey.

More information on the Scheme of Management

Page last updated: 18 July 2023


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