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We have made changes to our website to improve the way it looks and to give residents a better experience. You can find out more about this update here. 

Our climate strategy

We declared a climate emergency in March 2019. Read the full declaration.

In July 2020, we consulted on a draft climate change strategy. This set out our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030. In July 2021, we published our updated strategy to reflect what you told us. We committed Southwark Council to a set of actions across five priority areas:

  • greener buildings
  • active and sustainable travel
  • thriving natural environment
  • a circular economy with green jobs
  • renewable energy

Every year we'll refresh our action plan to let you know how many actions we've completed and the challenges we're facing.

View our action plan

View our latest annual report

Page last updated: 07 July 2023


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