Dog control order

We're in partnership with the RSPCA, Southwark Police, Battersea Dogs Home, working to encourage responsible dog ownership as well as ensuring incidents involving dangerous or out of control dogs are dealt with quickly and effectively.

We want Southwark's public places to be clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. We know that the majority of dog owners in the borough are responsible owners, pick up after their dogs and keep them under proper control. However there are a minority of people who don't and we know that dog fouling and safety fears caused by dog owners not having control of their dogs in public are key concerns for residents.

Under section 55 of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, the council now has access to new powers that allow us to issue on-the-spot fines (£50), as well as prosecute the irresponsible dog owners that cause these problems.

Southwark Council is introducing a Public Space Protection Order to tackle dog-related anti social behaviour, which will be effective from 19 March 2018. You can find out more here.  

What the dog control orders will cover

  • failing to clean up after your dog on all public land borough wide (fouling of land by dogs order)
  • not putting and keeping a dog on a lead when asked to by an authorised officer on all public land borough wide (dogs to be placed on a lead when requested by an authorised officer)
  • permitting a dog to enter an area from which it is excluded in specified areas only eg children's play areas (dog exclusion order)

This consultation is to assess the need for dog control order regulations to be introduced on a borough wide basis. The new powers would be targeted to specific problem areas and operations, and would move around the borough as needs are identified.

There is currently dog control order regulations in place on Aylesbury Estate. Dog control order regulations are also due to be implemented within the One Tree Hill area shortly. This consultation will not effect or impact on these dog control areas.

Page last updated: 19 February 2018

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