Neighbourhoods Fund

Neighbourhoods Fund 2024/25 applications are currently closed

The Neighbourhoods Fund has £630,000 to spend on community projects that make a difference in the lives and neighbourhoods of local people in Southwark.

Who can apply

  • any constituted local group
  • new and emerging local groups
  • any group or individual that has a sponsor, which is a constituted local organisation, and is willing to administer the funds on their behalf
  • groups that are based in the Empowering Communities area
  • organisations that have a track record of delivering activities in the local area
  • groups that are working together on a shared project

Who cannot apply

  • organisations not established in the UK
  • organisations that do not have any local links and/or do not have a track record of working locally
  • political groups and organisations
  • business/profit-making organisations

Page last updated: 24 October 2023

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