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Democracy Fund

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Is there an issue in your local area or an idea to improve it, which you would like to discuss with your wider neighbourhood, or maybe you want to meet up with like-minded people to form a special interest group?

If so, you may want to apply for funding to hold a one-off meeting in the community, through the council’s Democracy Fund.
The fund is part of the council’s Empowering Communities Programme, and is designed to make it easier for residents to discuss, and get involved with, the issues that directly affect them.
The funding can be used for things like equipment hire (IT equipment / Wi-Fi etc), venue hire, Zoom licence, publicity / invitations and refreshments.
A total pot of £20,000 per year is available, to be shared between groups across the Borough, who want to hold meetings or events on matters specific to their local neighbourhood.


Who can apply?

  • any individual or group(s) who live and work in Southwark
  • groups that are working together on a shared issue or topic

Who cannot apply

  • organisations not established in the UK
  • organisations that do not have any local links and/or do not have a track record of working locally
  • political groups and organisations
  • groups/individuals who seek to make personal financial gain

Page last updated: 07 October 2022


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