If you ignore a Liability Order

If you can’t agree to a payment arrangement or if you make an arrangement but then don’t pay, we'll take further action to collect the money you owe us. We’ll first try to recover what you owe with either an Attachment of Earnings Order or deductions from your benefits.

If these recovery methods don't work, we'll ask enforcement agents to collect what you owe us.

We can also ask the court to:

  • make you bankrupt 
  • make a Charging Order and Order for Sale so your home can be sold to pay off what you owe
  • send you to prison for non-payment

Pay your Council Tax Make an arrangement to pay your Council Tax

We know these are difficult times for many residents and we want to help. If you're worried about debts or have missed payments, there is free, confidential and independent debt advice available. Money Helper can direct you to a debt adviser straight away.

Page last updated: 26 July 2023


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