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Defences against a Liability Order

If you don't have a valid defence, the court will make a Liability Order and you must pay your Council Tax in full or make an arrangement. If you don't, we'll take action to recover what you owe.

Valid defences against the making of a Liability Order are:

  • an unauthorised officer of the council is attempting to obtain the Liability Order
  • there's a defect in your payment instructions (your bill has been calculated incorrectly)
  • less than 14 days have elapsed from the issue of your demand notice and your first instalment falling due
  • payment has been made in full
  • no reminder notice was issued
  • the council has defective computer evidence
  • you have an Administration Order in progress through the County Court, which includes your outstanding Council Tax
  • documents have been served incorrectly
  • you're not joint and severally liable for the period in question
  • you're subject of bankruptcy proceedings that have been started against you
  • the debtor is deceased

Freeman of the Land

Pay your Council Tax

Make an arrangement to pay your Council Tax

Page last updated: 04 October 2023


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