The Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of a Leader, a Deputy Leader and up to 10 councillors appointed by the Leader. Each holds a special portfolio of responsibility. The Cabinet meetings are open to the public.

The role of the Cabinet

The Cabinet's job includes:

  • providing community leadership in the borough
  • leading the community planning process and searching for best value, with input and advice from overview and scrutiny committees, community councils and any other appropriate people or organisations
  • drafting the budget and policy framework for approval by council assembly
  • taking decisions on resources and priorities, together with other stakeholders and partners in the local community, to deliver and implement the budget and policy framework as approved by council assembly
  • overseeing the authority's services
  • ensuring consultation on the development of the council's policy framework, other key strategic documents and key decisions
  • being the focus for forming partnerships with other local public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations to address local needs

The forward plan

A forward plan is prepared on behalf of the leader. It contains details of all key decisions to be taken by the Cabinet, individual Cabinet members and chief officers.

The plan is prepared on a monthly basis and is published throughout the year. It contains details of key decisions to be made for the year following publication.

Review of Cabinet decisions

In the five days following a decision made by the Cabinet, there's an opportunity for it to be reviewed by the overview and scrutiny committee. This is known as call-in. If the chair or vice-chair and three other members of the committee request that a decision be called-in, then it cannot be implemented until the committee has considered it. The overview and scrutiny committee recommend that the decision is changed or reconsidered.

Deputations and questions to the Cabinet

Any individual that lives and/or works in Southwark can ask a question at the council assembly or at Cabinet meetings.

Frequency and location of meetings

The Cabinet meets on average once a month (except in August) and the meetings are held at 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH unless indicated otherwise.

You can contact us for a full schedule of meetings.

Page last updated: 17 November 2017