How individual decision making works

Individual decision making

Individual cabinet members are able to take decisions on areas that fall within their responsibility, in much the same way that decisions are taken by the cabinet as a whole.

How decisions are published

Under council's constitution, all key decisions taken by individual cabinet members are listed on the forward plan. The council publishes key decisions on the website five working days before the individual Cabinet member can consider the decision (publishing period). This includes details of the decisions, their status and copies of any relevant reports.

View individual Cabinet member decisions

Most decisions taken by individual Cabinet members are subject to a five working day call-in period. During this time, decisions are reviewed by the overview and scrutiny committee.

Express your views about a decision

During the publishing period, members of the public may make representations, either directly to the individual Cabinet members or by contacting the responsible officer.

Page last updated: 17 November 2017


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