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Male foster carers - offer a brilliant experience

I am a new foster carer

I am a new foster carer and my wife and I started in July 2020, we now care for two boys who are siblings  One of the reasons for becoming a foster carer is my mother in law also used to be a foster carer and when I visited her home, some of the children mainly boys would always talk to me and ask me questions, I soon realised that they looked up to me as a father figure which was missing from their lives, they also liked my Jamaican patios and would love to copy the way I speak. My wife was then a back-up carer and we talked a lot about caring for children, so when we had the vacant rooms, we were happy to apply as foster parents.  

Now that I am a foster parent I find it a pleasure looking after the boys, both my wife and I share equal responsibility with the caring for them and when collecting the youngest boy from school I especially love when his face lights up when he sees me waiting to collect him from school,  at the same time he is  giving me a cheeking smile but I can see it gives him that security that I am there for him. 

As time goes on, they are getting comfortable and trusting us more, so they both will come to me for guidance on father matters which I get great pleasure on giving them advice and support, this shows me that being in their life is giving them some stability and how important it is to have a male figure in their life. I do have to work on building a relationship by being patient and having understanding on how they must feel and also teaching them life skills, I am looking forward to seeing them do well in life and knowing that I contributed to their upbringing. 

Page last updated: 05 July 2022


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