Partnership with Social Care

Stepping down from statutory social work services to Family Early Help

In some cases following assessment and intervention from statutory social work services, it will be decided that a family no longer needs to continue to receive help at this level. When children and families have received a statutory intervention and have progressed positively, it is important that the progress made is sustained and in these cases a social worker may request, with the consent of the family, that the plan ‘steps down’ from statutory social work to Family Early Help. This is an extremely important option in ensuring that families that no longer need social work intervention but do need continued help receive consistent, seamless support, at the right time and from a range of professionals and partners across the borough.

In these cases the Family Early Help Service will work closely with the referring social worker to ensure that all stakeholders are clear about the work that still needs to be done based on a family’s most recent assessment and plan, who will be doing what, and how we will know that goals have been achieved.  The social worker will convene a step down meeting prior to the change of teams, to include the family, a representative from Family Early Help and any other professionals involved in supporting the family. The step down meeting will make clear, and it will be collectively agreed, who will be the ‘lead professional’ thereon in.

The ultimate aim for all families is that they are able to manage challenges using their own skills and resources without the need for targeted help and support or further involvement from a social worker in the future.


Page last updated: 12 January 2023


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