Anti-counterfeiting and product safety

Counterfeiting inspections and investigations

We carry out work to combat counterfeiting and other illegal economic activities. We welcome any information that could help identify those who are breaking the law. 

Anyone convicted of dealing in fakes or illicit goods could be sent to prison and unlimited fines can also be given.

Selling fakes is a criminal offence

We will also use the Proceeds of Crime Act to seek confiscation proceedings. Any money or assets which cannot be proved to have been earned legally can be taken away.

What happens to seized fake goods

When possible, we aim to work with charities and other organisations to ensure fake clothing and footwear is de-branded and put to good use. In addition, we've previously donated items to the Metropolitan Police's dog training facility where clothing and bags have been used by the handlers during exercises.

Materials that can be recycled may be shredded for use in making other product but in some cases, incineration or landfill is the most practical option.


Page last updated: 02 February 2022


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