Pavement licence

The Business and Planning Act 2020 streamlines the process of obtaining a licence for tables and chairs outside premises. Pavement licences can be used until 30 September 2023. This legislation only applies to items being put on public highways, the council cannot issue this type of licence for items on private land.  

The application process takes 10 working days, including a 5 working day consultation period.

Application for a pavement licence

Please read our guidance notes (PDF, 491kb) before you make your application.

To complete your online application, you will need these documents in pdf, jpg or png format ready to upload:

  • public liability insurance to a value of £5,000,000
  • your company bank details on letter headed paper or other evidence of your bank details, this is required to set your company up on our finance system.
  • a plan of the area you're applying for, this can be hand-drawn if that is easier
    • it should show the width of the area you wish to use, and the width of the remaining highway for pedestrians (minimum 1.5 metres, preferably more)
    • it should also show where tables and chairs will be located within the space; ensure that social distancing measures are considered and any smoking and non-smoking areas
  • a form of ID you can upload to create your account
  • proof of your address and the address of the premise
  • evidence of ACT eLearning completion (see guidance notes for information)

You must display a consultation notice for 5 working days. The notice will be created automatically by the online application system, you must print it off and display it in an obvious position that is viewable to the public on the same day you apply.

The licence fee is £100. An invoice will be sent to you after your licence has been issued.

By applying you're agreeing to the conditions of the pavement licence (PDF, 269kb). Ensure you have read the conditions and can meet them before you apply.

All street furniture should be removed by 10pm at the latest - your application must show this

Create an account and apply online 

Once your application is submitted, we'll contact you with the results as soon as possible.


You can comment or submit a representation for a current application (note this link will not work on Internet Explorer, use any other type of browser).

If you have any questions email

Page last updated: 13 September 2023


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