Health and safety enforcement

Health and safety enforcement is a responsibility of both the council and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), depending on the work activity.

We have a legal duty to enforce the Health and Safety at Work etc, Act 1974 and related legislation. The regulatory Health and Safety Team aims to ensure that work premises are safe for employees and visitors, and that accidents and injuries are prevented wherever possible.

The team is responsible for enforcing health and safety at the following premises:

  • all retail shops, market stalls and mobile vendors
  • offices, banks and building societies 
  • hotels, hostels, guest houses and residential care homes 
  • night clubs, theatres, cinemas, sports facilities, museums, art galleries, restaurants
  • hairdressers, tattooing and body piecing and beauty salons 
  • some warehouses (not long term storage premises) 
  • privately run nursing (but not child care in the home) 
  • tyre and exhaust fitters 
  • coin operated launderettes

The HSE is the enforcing authority in:

  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Transport and Railways
  • The NHS
  • Educational establishments
  • Manufacturing and Engineering

A full list of the appropriate enforcing authority for a particular type of premises or work activity can be found on the HSE website.

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Page last updated: 21 June 2017