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Registering a death

It's a difficult time for everyone when a death occurs. We're here to help and to make registering the death as simple and easy as possible.

When to register a death

You must register a death within 5 days (unless a coroner is conducting an investigation). You'll need to make an appointment with us to register the death.

The hospitals, GP or informant will be expected to scan a copy of the medical certificate of cause of death to unless the death has been reported to the coroner.

Who can register a death?

This can be done by:

  • a relative of the deceased, including a wife/husband or civil partner
  • any adult who was present at the death
  • the person giving instructions to the funeral director to bury or cremate
  • a matron or manager of an institution, responsible for the client and who knew the circumstances of the death (for deaths within a hospital or public institution) 

Information needed at the time of registration

You must provide the following information:

  • medical certificate of cause of death issued by a certified medical practitioner, unless the coroner is involved; the medical certificate should be scanned to before your appointment
  • when and where the death occurred
  • the full name and usual address of the deceased
  • the deceased person's maiden name (in the case of a married woman)
  • the deceased person's date and place of birth
  • the deceased person's occupation
  • the deceased person’s NHS number

To register a death, you must book an appointment online.

The above information you submit is intended to ensure that all the appropriate information is collected to complete the death registration. Please complete with accuracy.


There's no charge for registering a death.

You can apply for a certificate online when booking the appointment or at the office when you attend the appointment.

The cost of each certificate is £12.50.

Book an appointment to register a death

Page last updated: 31 May 2024


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