Registering a birth

If your baby was born in Southwark, you must register the birth at Southwark Register Office within 42 days from the date of birth.

You can purchase birth certificates at the statutory fee of £11 per certificate after the registration has been completed.

Who can register the birth?

The child's mother can automatically register the birth. The child's father/parent can only do so if they were married or had formed a civil partnership when the baby was born or conceived.

If you're not married or have not formed a civil partnership to the baby’s father/parent, you must do one of the following for both parents’ details to be recorded on the certificate:

  • register the birth jointly
  • the father does not attend but completes a statutory declaration form to make a declaration that he is the father
  • there is a court order enforced or there is a parental responsibility agreement

If the child’s mother is not married to the child’s father and he cannot attend or supply the statutory declaration, the birth can be re-registered to add the father’s details at a later date.

Lambeth Births

If your child was born at St Thomas’ Hospital or Kings College Hospital, please note that neither of these are located in the borough of Southwark. You will need to contact Lambeth Register Office.

We are able to offer limited birth registration for Southwark residents whose child was born at St Thomas’ Hospital or Kings College Hospital. This service is only available one afternoon per week. You will not able to buy birth certificates for babies born in the borough of Lambeth from us.  

Registering a birth ‘by declaration’

We're not able to offer registrations ‘by declaration’ at present. Visit GOV.UK for more information.

Book an appointment

Please ensure you bring with you:

  • the discharge notes or red book from the hospital
  • a form of ID showing parent(s) full names
  • if applicable, you must bring a married/civil partnership certificate

If English is not your first language, you may ask a friend or relative to go with you to act as an interpreter.

Birth certificates are £11 each. You can buy these when you register a birth or any time afterwards.

 Book a birth registration appointment  

Page last updated: 06 December 2023


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