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Waste storage in new residential developments

Necessary waste storage considerations

New residential developments in the borough must include appropriate provision for the storage and collection of household waste and recycling.

Designers and developers should consider:

  • easy and safe access to dispose of waste, including for older persons or persons with disabilities
  • easy and safe access for waste collection services
  • location, space and type of containers
  • protection against animal scavenging of waste
  • aesthetics of the development
  • noise (eg glass handling)
  • ease of maintenance, including cleaning
  • safety from fire risk and smoke
  • lighting
  • ventilation
  • sound insulation
  • special requirements (eg separate storage and collection of bulky waste)

Guidance notes

It is essential for architects, planners, and developers to consult with us on suitable types of waste storage and collection arrangements at the initial planning stage. Read our waste management guidance notes for residential developments (PDF, 204kb).

It is important that this document is not viewed in isolation and is referred to in conjunction with the British Standard BS5906:2005 (waste management in buildings).

Page last updated: 22 May 2017


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