Become a smart shopper

It is estimated that up to 30% of household waste is packaging and that the average Londoner wastes a staggering £2,200 every year on unwanted food and goods. By 'smart' shopping we can greatly reduce the amount of waste we produce.

How to be a smart shopper

Steer clear of overpackaged goods

Always try to buy loose fruit and vegetables. Remember - you're paying for the packaging as well.

Reduce the number of plastic carrier bags you use

It is estimated that 17 billion plastic bags are produced in the UK every year. Try to take bags for life or reusable bags when you go shopping instead of using new plastic carrier bags every time.

'Close the loop' and buy recycled

There is a wide range of recycled products available in the shops, from kitchen rolls to wine glasses. Look for the recycled loop on product labels.

Avoid single use items

Certain items such as disposable cameras can only be used once and are often made from materials that can't be recycled. Think about choosing long lasting and durable items to avoid creating extra waste.

Download our free smart shopping guide (PDF, 1004kb) for more tips and advice on how you can be a 'smart shopper'.

Page last updated: 22 May 2017


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