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Southwark Smart Savers 17/18

Southwark Smart Savers

If your child is in Year 6 you have until 1 September 2018 to claim their £20 voucher... Read more about Southwark Smart Savers

Burgess Park West

Burgess Park West

We've started the Burgess Park West project, a £3.5million investment in improving the south western area of the park... Read more about Burgess Park West

Peckham car park

Peckham’s most creative car park

The multi-storey car park in Rye Lane is set to continue as a creative and cultural centre for the long term... Read more about Peckham’s most creative car park

Safe as Houses

Safe as Houses

Stark report findings reveal worrying picture for Universal Credit recipients... Read more about Safe as Houses

Culture Vulture

Southwark Fireworks Night

Thank you to everyone who helped make our fireworks such a success - check out your comments and pictures... Read more about Southwark Fireworks Night

East Dulwich Christmas Cracker v2

East Dulwich Christmas Cracker

Now in its sixth year, the 2017 East Dulwich Christmas Cracker will offer even more to get everyone in the festive spirit... Read more about East Dulwich Christmas Cracker

London Borough of Culture

London Borough of Culture

We're calling on you to join us in our bid to become London Borough of Culture... Read more about London Borough of Culture

The Southwark Conversation

The Southwark Conversation

Southwark, like the rest of London, is changing. We want a conversation about the changes... Read more about The Southwark Conversation