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Independent travel training

Independent travel training Increases opportunities both for learning, social and job prospects. It also:

  • increases independence and use of own initiative
  • provides greater freedom to become less reliant of friends and family eventually
  • raises self confidence
  • develops social skills

Southwark has a number of options to promote independent travel.

Monthly training bus

The training bus is a 90 minute interactive journey. Scenarios cover personal and road safety enabling participants to make full use of London's bus network.

The programme was developed with our partners, The Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Team, Arriva, TfL Travel Mentoring Service and Parent Partnership.

The morning session is from 10.15am to 12pm. The afternoon session is from 12.30pm to 2pm. The bus starts from the bus stop located in the car park of Tesco (Old Kent Road) Dunton Road, SE1.

To book your place or for further information, email us.

A to B independent travel training

This is available for some eligible young people with special educational needs, a one to one trainer can support your child with learning to travel to and from school independently. Southwark Special Education Needs Service provides information on travel assistance for young people with special educational needs and details on how to apply. TfL Travel Mentoring Service offers training for adults.

Page last updated: 20 June 2023


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