Our Healthy Walworth

Our healthy Walworth

Low Emission Neighbourhood

How can we make the Walworth area healthier and more pleasant for local people?

Less pollution, places you can enjoy, less through traffic, better bus journeys, safer walking and cycling, more attractive shopping and leisure: these could be some of the benefits of the Low Emission Neighbourhood.

Phase 1: 7 October to 31 December 2019

We’re asking you what the local issues are and what improvements you would like to see on your local streets. Click on the online map, answer a few short questions and tell us about traffic and other problems down your street.

OHW map
Our healthy Walworth map

Alternatively, we’ll be holding a number of drop-ins and pop-ups across Walworth, where you can come and meet our staff and share your thoughts.

  • 25 October 2019 at East Street Market
  • 22 November 2019 (afternoon only) at Walworth Road next to Morrisons
  • 27 November 5pm to 7pm - drop-in session at Nelson, Kingston and Portland Tenants Community Hall, Trafalgar House, Bronti Close, Nelson Estate SE17 2HF

Phase 2: early 2020

We’ll work with you to develop some solutions to the problems you tell us about.

Phase 3: Summer to Autumn 2020

Formal consultation on the solutions we develop.

Phase 4

We start making improvements to the Walworth area from 2021.

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