Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich

                                          Dulwich traffic study

Recent projects and engagement with residents in the Dulwich area have shown a common theme - there's too much traffic in the area - and this is having an adverse effect on local life.

We want to work with residents to address these concerns about traffic volume and its impact on the community.

Phase 1 of 4

29 April to 7 June

In this first phase, we want to hear from you about the issues in this area. We're completely open to your ideas; later phases will look into more detail at possible solutions.

This phase of engagement has now ended. We're currently reviewing the thousands of comments received, which you can still see on our online map. We'll be producing a summary of what you've told us soon.


DOHS map
Dulwich traffic study

Come and talk to us

  • Tuesday 7 May, 3pm to 7pm outside Dulwich Library
  • Sunday 19 May, 12pm to 5pm at Dulwich Festival, Dulwich Park
  • TBC (late May) in Dulwich Village

FAQ’s for Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich (pdf, 128kb)

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