Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM)

Design Standards Register (SSDM/DSR)

The Design Standards Registers contain our technical design requirements for streets and spaces.

These have been developed to fit with the Strategic Design Policies in the Framework Plan and have been approved under delegated authority by senior council officers.

The design standards cover everything from pavement constructions, drainage and street trees to parking restrictions, traffic signs and tactile paving - each set out in an individual document. These typically explain both when particular features may or must be used, and how they should be designed if they're required or permitted.

A form of departure approval is always required to vary from the requirements of design standards. Further information about obtaining this can be found in the Procedures Register.

Below you can find a list of current agreed Design Standards. We've grouped these into a number of sub-registers covering related themes for ease of use.

Series 000: parking

Series 100: general design and layout

Series 200: Accessibility

Series 300: Traffic Signs

Series 400: Sustainability

  • none yet

Series 500: Street Greening

Series 600: Pavement Engineering

Series 700: Drainage

  • none yet

Series 800: Lighting

  • none yet

Series 900: Miscellaneous

  • none yet

Work is currently on-going preparing further Design Standards. These will be individually added here as they are agreed. Existing agreed Design Standards may be updated from time to time so users are advised to check back regularly to confirm that they are working from the current version.

For details about adoptable requirements for features not currently addressed by published Design Standards, contact us via the address in the side panel.

Page last updated: 10 September 2019