Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM)

Typical Details Register (SSDM/TDR)

The Typical Details Register provides standard details for the design of common features found in streets and spaces.

These include both detailed technical design details showing how materials should be assembled into a broader construction (eg for ramps or edge restraints) and arrangement details showing the typical geometric design of common features (eg an inset parking bays) but not the underlying construction.

The intention of Typical Details is to show how the requirements of documents in our Design Standards Register and the material requirements of palettes in our Street Elements Register can be assembled together.

However, these are provided for guidance only and the requirements of individual Design Standards Register  documents (and other SSDM requirements) take precedence. Designers will often need to vary from the details provided considerably to meet particular site constraints.

Similarly, where designers are able to develop alternative details that meet Design Standards then these will also be acceptable. Use of Typical Details is only mandatory where this is specifically required in other SSDM documents.

You can reach the Typical Details using the links below.

C Series Typical Details

G Series Typical Details

Work is currently ongoing preparing further Typical Details. These will be individually added here as they are agreed. Existing agreed Typical Details may be updated from time to time so users are advised to check back regularly to ensure they are working from current versions.

Page last updated: 21 November 2018