Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM)

Street Elements Register (SSDM/SER)

The Street Elements Register consists of a series of Palettes which explain the materials and other items that need to be used around the borough.

In some instances, different palettes are provided for the various Specification Areas identified in the Regulating Plan to reflect local character. These have been agreed under delegated authority by Senior Council Officers.

For each item in a Palette, a detailed specification is provided along with details (where relevant) of existing products approved as meeting these.

Notes are also provided where relevant to any requirements from documents in our Design Standards Register that may have a bearing on particular items (for instance, trafficking limits for the use of block paving in the carriageway).

Only items specified in Palettes (and those products listed as being approved as meeting related specifications) may be used in streets and spaces. Use of other items will require departure approval. Details of the procedures for requesting departures can be found in the Procedures Register, along with information about how to obtain approval that products meet particular item specifications.

Follow the link below to access the Surfacing Materials Palettes for the different Specification Areas in the Regulating Plan.

Surfacing Materials Palettes


Page last updated: 10 September 2019