Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM)

Regulating Plan (SSDM/RP)

The Regulating Plan is the other main strategy document besides the Framework Plan and has been agreed by the Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment, and Recycling.

It defines which of a number of character area designations apply around Southwark. These are shown in the interactive map below.

Click here to view a full screen version of the map.

The boundaries for these are linked to policy area designations created by the council acting as Local Planning Authority and constitutional boundaries. Different Palettes of surfacing materials and street furniture are specified for each designation to reflect local character.

Those palettes can be found in the Street Elements Register. Occasionally, the requirements of documents in our Design Standards Register and Procedures Register may also vary between designations.

The original Regulating Plan document that informs the map above can be downloaded using the link below:


Page last updated: 10 September 2019