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In Summer 2020 we introduced a traffic filter at the junction of Calton Avenue, Court Lane and Dulwich Village. This was part of a wider Streetspace programme for the Dulwich area. The traffic filter helps to achieve a number of priorities set out in Southwark’s Movement Plan, including:

  • reducing traffic and creating healthier streets for people
  • supporting businesses to prosper through placemaking
  • improving road safety and air quality to improve the experience on our street
  • encouraging active and greener forms of travel to support physical and mental wellbeing

The traffic filter has now been made permanent. The next round of engagement will focus on designing a new community space at the heart of Dulwich Village. The engagement process will include

  • the permanent layout of Calton Avenue/Court Lane junction
  • improving the Dulwich Village/Turney Road junction

Engagement Phase 1, Summer 2022 - Information gathering

The first phase of engagement consisted of a number of activities to understand how the junctions currently perform against healthy street objectives. This engagement process aims to be a representative sample of people who use the junction. The activities to be undertaken are:

  • Healthy Streets design check
  • On-street Healthy Streets survey
  • Healthy Streets survey with pupils
  • Pan-impairment accessibility audit
  • Cycling accessibility audit
  • Ground investigation and junction survey

The outcome of this engagement phase has informed the initial design development.

Results of Phase 1 can be found in the Dulwich Village Streets for People - Phase 1 Report (pdf, 1.8mb) and summary report (pdf, 1.6mb) 

Detailed reports that were considered as part of Phase 1 are below:

Engagement Phase 2, Autumn 2022 - Concept ideas

In early summer this year, we revisited the area around the junction of Dulwich Village with Calton Avenue and Turney Road. We looked at how well the area was working for all kinds of road users, and we spoke with hundreds of people on the street. We talked to local schools and the children attending them, and to local businesses. Now we want to work with the whole community to design the future, permanent shape of this area at the heart of Dulwich.

See our initial ideas and Have your say

The initial design ideas are led by three core objectives:

  • Community – a place for people from the local and wider area to enjoy so that Dulwich Village is inclusive for all
  • Safety – the whole junction should be safer for all road users, and prioritise the most vulnerable road users
  • Destination and connection – the space will help make Dulwich Village a place for people to visit and connect people across south London

We've extended the engagement period to ensure there's enough time for people to consider their responses. This engagement phase will now close on 20 November 2022.

During the consultation we will be talking to people on the street at pop-up events, speaking to schools, businesses, SEND groups and key resident associations.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Question page regarding the proposals.

These initial ideas are to find out local people's preferences for how the space could be used. We will use this feedback to develop a final concept design proposal for people to comment on later this year.

Engagement Phase 3, early 2023 - Have your say

The third phase will consist of a public consultation on the design proposal developed with the community.

This consultation will inform a final decision on the design of the junction to be taken forward to construction.

Latest news

  • we've now completed a number of interim improvement works at Calton Avenue, which includes:
    • installed re-usable kerb planters to define space for pedestrians
    • introduced lining and signage to improve clarity for cyclists
    • decluttered the pavement so more space for people walking
    • improved crossing for pedestrians so more direct
    • tidied up the area and removed old planters
    • more space given to businesses for seating
  • there are a few more changes we are working on to improve the environment for people walking and cycling, these will be happening in October/November, and include:
    • working with TfL to re-instate the green man pedestrian crossing at Calton Avenue, near junction with Dulwich Village and remove any redundant signal posts and bags
    • introducing specialised signage to improve compliance
    • introducing new seating for the community, using recycled wood for the Dulwich Picture Gallery

If you'd like to see a detailed plan or have questions about the works being undertaken, email streetspace@southwark.gov.uk .

Our aims

We all need to take bold action to reduce car journeys in order to:

  • clean up the air in Southwark
  • encourage travel in more active and healthier ways
  • cut carbon emissions in response to the climate crisis

We hope local people’s input will help to inform how we should transform the space for all to enjoy and feel safe in, and help to achieve these aims.

Page last updated: 29 November 2022

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