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Balfour Street improvements

Improvements to the road and pavements on Balfour Street have begun

The aim of the scheme is to make Balfour Street and surrounding roads safer, more accessible and more attractive for all road users. Work will continue in phases until early 2020.

It will improve pedestrian safety by reducing traffic speeds and crossing distances and creating a friendlier and more inviting public space. Works will include:

  • widening and resurfacing the footway with high quality paving
  • planting new trees and improving the conditions of existing trees
  • traffic calming changes on junctions with Munton Road, John Maurice Close, Henshaw Street, Victory Place, Chatham Street, Wadding Street, Stead Street and Orb Street
  • transforming the junction with Rodney Road to improve safety
  • improved street lighting

There will be some overall loss of street parking, but there is capacity in surrounding streets to absorb this. Residents will benefit from a safer and more attractive environment.

See the plans for the works:

See our FAQ document (PDF, 72kb) for more information.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023


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