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Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich

Our Healthy Streets Dulwich commenced in 2018 to address concerns over traffic levels and the adverse effect that these were having on local life. As a direct result of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme is currently suspended and TfL is now prioritising limited funding on measures to the new Streetspace programme for London.

Below is the progress on the ‘Our Healthy Streets Dulwich programme to date.

Phase 3

28 January to 29  March 2020

We ran a consultation early last year which had 2007 confirmed individual responses collectively from an online consultation and paper versions.

You can view the summary report from phase 3.

Phase 2

October to November 2019

We met with local people, including all those who contributed in phase 1, to discuss possible solutions to the issues that were identified, based on the key themes identified in the phase 1 summary report.

You can view our phase 1 summary report (PDF, 710kb).

We held two workshops (PDF, 372kb) in October, to look at area-wide measures to discourage through traffic from using your residential streets, with a focus on the area to the west of Lordship Lane.

You can view the presentation (PDF, 1.9mb) that was given at these workshops.

Phase 1

29 April to 7 June 2019

In this first phase, we asked you about the issues in this area. Hundreds of people gave us suggestions on our online map, via email and at a number of pop-up events across Dulwich.

You can see a summary of the comments from Phase 1 (PDF, 710kb) and all the suggestions are included in priority order (PDF, 823kb).

Road map of Dulwich healthy streets



Page last updated: 30 November 2022


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