Shad Thames and Queen Elizabeth Street junction improvement

Southwark Council is working towards a long term strategy of improving the streets in Shad Thames by focusing on improving pedestrian and cycling facilities, creating opportunities for tree planting and wider public realm improvements, in line with the Shad Thames Area Management Plan.

Following public consultations and desktop studies from various surveys carried out in the Shad Thames Area - short, medium and long term concept designs are being developed.

As part of the short term strategy footway and carriageway works are being proposed along Shad Thames (South) and the Queen Elizabeth Street/ Shad Thames junction to improve pedestrian safety and comfort. The proposed measures will complement this long term strategy.

The proposals, which are illustrated on the accompanying plan, include:

  • resurfacing of the footway and provision of dropped kerbs and tactile paving, along Shad Thames (south)
  • introducing a raised crossing on Queen Elizabeth Street (QES), at the junction with Shad Thames and on Shad Thames, north of QES
  • provision of a footway build-out on both sides of the carriageway on Queen Elizabeth Street, at the junction with Shad Thames, with bollards installed to prevent vehicles overrunning the footway
  • introduction of a street tree and planters on the new footway build-out
  • no changes to be made to the existing waiting and loading restrictions

Plans for the works

We're pleased to confirm that Phase 1 and 2 of the works are now complete and Phase 3 and 4 has commenced

Construction Programme and Staging

Start Date: 3 June 2019

Duration: approximately eight to ten weeks

Possible disruptions

Programming for forthcoming works have identified there will likely be significant disruptions to residents and businesses of Shad Thames for the duration of the works. In order to undertake these works, we'll require the closure of Shad Thames between Tooley Street and Queen Elizabeth Street. Outlined below are details for the planned closures and traffic diversions, project phases and access restrictions to off-street parking facilities in this area.

Traffic diversions

In order to allow us to successfully complete the works as quickly and safety as possible, we'll need to put traffic diversions in place. Please follow the link below to view the proposed diversion route plan. Additional diversions within Shad Thames will be in place as and when required.

Please plan ahead before you travel and look out for on-street notifications and diversion signs when these works begin.  In particular, if you need to arrange deliveries or collections or to receive visitors, please advise them of likely changes to their route.

Work phases

In order to minimise disruption to residents and businesses the works will be completed in phases. Download the Phasing Plan below to help you understand how these works may impact you. 

Please note the timings for each phase are indicative only.

Phase 1 and 2:  2-3 weeks (3 June - 21 June) - Completed 20 June

Works completed included footway improvements between the Millennium Square entrance and Tooley Street. 

Phase 3 and 4:  6-7 weeks (24 June - 10 August)

Works to complete the remainder of the scheme have commenced. Access to all off-street car parking entrances shall be from Shad Thames, via Tooley Street, will be maintained. Shad Thames, via Tooley Street, will be open for local traffic to access and exit car parking buildings only. For access into the Shad Thames area, follow the signed diversion route.

If you have any concerns leading up to and during this period of work, particularly if there are safety or access concerns for people with disabilities, contact or call 0207 5253793.

Page last updated: 14 February 2020

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