Crystal Palace Parade: Double-Dutch roundabout

The innovative scheme at Crystal Palace Parade (the first so-called ‘Double-Dutch roundabout’ in the country) sees substantial improvements to the traffic, cycle and pedestrian environments.

By making the junctions safer, quicker and more accessible, we hope to have improved the junction for everyone.

This includes:

  • improved, wider footways and crossings for pedestrians
  • segregated cycle facilities to improve safety and accessibility, with reduced delay
  • bypass lane for traffic accessing Crystal Palace Parade from Sydenham Hill and WestWood Hill
  • widening of Sydenham Hill approach to Westwood Hill to allow second vehicle lane
  • better environment and public realm for all

See consultation plans (pdf, 1.6mb) and the as-built drawings (pdf, 316kb).

Post-scheme monitoring

Thank you for your feedback, but the monitoring period is now closed. The results are being analysed and will be made available when this is complete.

Page last updated: 14 February 2020

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