Camberwell Town Centre

Image of a refurbished road surface on Love Walk crossing
Love Walk Crossing

Denmark Hill, Orpheus Street, Daneville Road public realm improvements

The aim of this scheme was to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of the area as a leisure and shopping destination and improve road safety. We've refurbished the road surface and pavements on Denmark Hill, Orpheus Street and Daneville Road.

Safety improvements include a new pedestrian crossing at Love Walk, and relocating the crossing near Orpheus Street to a location outside Butterfly walk. A new raised table is planned on Orpheus Street, at the junction with Denmark Hill, to reduce turning speeds and improve safety.

You can view the plans for the changes (pdf, 1.5mb).

Works to Daneville Road, Orpheus Street and Denmark Hill were completed in September 2019.

View before and after photos below:

We're now reviewing the completed works and addressing any remaining issues.

Page last updated: 24 March 2022

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