Buses in Southwark – have your say


  • the 148 will no longer go to Camberwell Green but will be diverted towards Peckham and Dulwich​
  • the 12 will be cut, with the loss of this route through Camberwell, that links to Dulwich and Oxford Circus
  • no more direct routes from Camberwell to Clapham Park with loss of route 45​
  • reduction in night bus provision, resulting in significant walks for interchanging at different stops
  • impact on anyone trying to access Kings College Hospital and other health services at Denmark Hill, especially at night
TFL's consultation closed on 7 August, but the council is continuing in its efforts to convince TfL not to take these proposals forward, and has set out its concerns on behalf of the borough in its Formal consultation response (pdf, 709kb)


Page last updated: 01 September 2022

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