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Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM)

The Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM) recognises that streets and spaces are the public face of Southwark, with the potential to positively or negatively affect quality of life and perceptions of the borough.

They are also where many vibrant social and cultural activities occur, from markets and outdoor events to street play, casual encounters and time spent people watching from pavement cafes. This makes them as important as the buildings and landmarks they provide settings for.

The council, in its capacity as Local Highway Authority, is responsible for the majority of streets and spaces in the Southwark (the major exception being busier roads that have red lines to their edges which are controlled by Transport for London).

The Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (PDF, 7.1mb) aims to raise the quality and consistency of the design of streets and spaces in Southwark and widen the purposes they serve by:

  • introducing a more standardised approach to their design and appearance
  • improving consistency and coordination of the planning and execution of works
  • considering all uses and users of streets and spaces in the design process, not focusing on vehicle movement alone

Through the SSDM we hope to make a reality of the following guiding Vision Statement for the public realm:

''Southwark's streets and spaces will be safer, better maintained, greener spaces for living and movement, with reduced vehicle dominance and less obtrusive street clutter.

Wherever possible they will use green infrastructure to manage environmental challenges whilst at the same time providing softening landscaping.

They will encourage local communities to take pride in their surroundings and promote courteous and considerate behaviour from all street users."

Page last updated: 21 February 2024


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