Empowering Communities programme

Taking a fresh look at how communities work together and interact with the Council, the Empowering Communities programme will deliver a new way of engaging local people in the issues that affect them at a very local level.

The meeting mix will include area and individual ward based events, the latter being where the residents and ward councillors will determine the agenda, providing a more relaxed and intimate environment in which to discuss what is going on in the immediate neighbourhood, where everyone feels they can contribute.

EMP map
Area (multi-ward) Forums map

Area (multi-ward) forums

Southwark will be divided into five new areas (see map). Multi-ward meetings will take place twice a year for funding presentations and announcing decisions.  In each area a Councillor will be a community champion, and will chair these meetings ensuring that these larger forums operate effectively.

Funding programmes information, process, and announcement of decisions will be a main function of the multi-ward meetings. This will include:

Ward meetings

The individual ward meetings will take place three times a year, but Councillors may also decide to use one or more of these opportunities to meet together with other wards, especially where a local matter affects residents across ward boundaries. Ward Councillors will have the responsibility for shaping the agenda and managing the meeting process. These meetings are where neighbourhood issues can be discussed, and residents can voice their concerns. Local policing and other local matters may also be addressed at these meetings.

Residents who are used to Community Councils, may find that their addresses are now in a different area, and should check the map, or on the web page at xxxxx, where they will also find local meeting dates and general information. If they are already on our contacts lists, they will be receiving this information automatically.

We will be asking for comments about the changes and suggestions for additional improvements as we progress throughout the year.

Democracy fund

A new fund will be created to allow communities hold their own events, increasing opportunities to address specific local issues. Groups and individuals may apply for a share from the total pot available, which is £20,000 per year for the whole borough. During the first year of the fund, there will be two funding application periods; October 2019 and January 2020, after which they will be on a quarterly basis. Decisions for applications will be recommended for approval by a panel of Community Champions.

Area contacts

North West area
  • Borough & Bankside
  • London Bridge & West Bermondsey
  • Chaucer
  • St Georges wards


Community Champion: David Noakes
EC Development Officer: Pauline Bonner, Pauline.bonner@southwark.gov.uk, 0207 525 1019

North East area
  • North Bermondsey
  • South Bermondsey
  • Rotherhithe
  • Surrey Docks wards


Community Champion: Sunny Lambe
EC Development Officer: Bridget Galloway, Bridget.galloway@southwark.gov.uk 0207 525 1780

West Central area
  • North Walworth
  • Newington; Faraday
  • Camberwell Green
  • St Giles wards


Community Champion: Dora Dixon-Fyle
EC Development Officer: Grace Semakula, Grace.semakula@southwark.gov.uk 0207 525 4928

East Central area
  • Old Kent Road
  • Peckham
  • Nunhead & Queens Road
  • Rye Lane
  • Peckham Rye wards


Community Champion: Sunil Chopra
EC Development Officer: Gill Kelly, Gill.kelly@southwark.gov.uk, 0207 525 3690

South area
  • Champions Hill
  • Goose Green
  • Dulwich Hill
  • Dulwich Village
  • Dulwich Wood wards


Community Champion: Andy Simmons
EC Development Officer: Fitzroy Lewis, Fitzroy.lewis@southwark.gov.uk, 0207 525 3084



Page last updated: 29 May 2019

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