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Funding advice

Find the right funding stream for you

There are lots of sources of funding out there that could help you get your cultural project or event off the ground. It’s just about knowing where to look. This section will help you find the appropriate funding programme for you as an individual or organisation.

Who can apply for funding

The rules may be different for each fund so it is always best to check with the funder directly. To apply for most grants an organisation will need to have:

  • management committee of at least three people
  • governing document (constitution or set of rules)
  • bank account with at least 2 signatories (although some funders will allow another organisation to receive a grant on your behalf)
  • record of annual income and expenditure (or how you will do this if your group is new)
  • child protection policy, if you will be working with children
  • quotes for items over £1,000

You normally don't need to be a registered charity/company.

Some things to consider

When applying to a funding body make sure that you:

  • understand their criteria for allocating funding, make sure you meet the criteria and show this within your application
  • find out from the funder how you apply to them; it might be an application form or maybe a letter with a project outline
  • know how much you can apply for, ensure you're realistic about how much you require and that any budgets you enclose with your application are correct
  • complete all of the application and enclose any additional evidence that they request
  • always keep a copy of your application form and any additional documents for reference

If you're lucky enough to be allocated some funding, make sure that you keep your funder up to date with how the project is going. Even if things aren't going as planned, they may be able to help or offer advice. Ensure that you invite them to any events, launches or openings.

In most cases you'll be required to do a project report for the funder, so good documentation and evaluation of your project is crucial, especially if you're planning to repeat it.

If you're unsuccessful in your application, make sure you ask the funder for some feedback. This will help you with future applications. Some funders allow you to reapply; check with them directly.

Page last updated: 23 August 2023

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