Cultural Celebrations Fund 2021 to 2022

Applications have now closed.

Southwark Council is delighted to invite event organisers to apply to the 2021 to 2022 Cultural Celebrations Fund for grants that will support and enhance the delivery of free outdoor events.

Eligible events will encourage and promote community engagement and cohesion around the borough between July 2021 to March 2022.

The Cultural Celebrations fund will directly support the council’s Southwark Stands Together and climate emergency commitments, as well as the three themes from Creative Southwark, the council’s Cultural strategy:

  • creative economy
  • creative growth
  • creative people 
COVID-19 - please note that funding will only be awarded if events are able to take place safely and in line with government and local guidance at the time of the event

Please read our delivering events safely during COVID guidance for more details (guidance is subject to change at short notice)


We're looking to support a range of cultural and community events across a geographical spread of locations within the borough.

Applications to hold events in any park or public space in Southwark will be considered.

What we are looking for

We're looking to fund community-focused outdoor events that aim to:

Your event must:

  • take place between 17 July 2021 and 31 March 2022
  • include a programme of inclusive and accessible participatory opportunities for Southwark residents and/or businesses
  • take place in a park or a public space
  • be appropriate for the site you are requesting the use of
  • promote community engagement and cohesion
  • promote and implement the Southwark Stands Together commitments
  • be free of charge for the public to attend/participate in
  • provide opportunities for local traders, artists, performers and volunteers where possible

Additional requirements:

  • your event will be subject to the council’s outdoor event hire process and must adhere to the council’s outdoor events policy
  • applicants do not have to be based in Southwark but must demonstrate a strong connection to the borough
  • you'll be required to produce a post-event evaluation report within one month of your event taking place; the report must include as a minimum:
  1. The number of people who attended the event
  2. The audience demographics
  3. Details of where your audience live or have travelled from to get to the event
  4. A financial report of how the grant money was spent


There is a total fund amount of £60,000, which will be allocated to a number of events across Southwark.

Applicants are invited to bid for a maximum of £10,000, but most grants are likely to be less than that figure, in order that the fund supports as many events as possible.

Please, therefore, be advised that if an application is successful, the amount of funding offered may differ from the amount of funding requested

You will be required to submit an event budget with your application. All budgets must present details of anticipated income and expenditure under the following headings:


  1. Other Grant funding (confirmed, including other grants from Southwark Council)
  2. Other Grant funding (unconfirmed, including other grants applied for from Southwark Council)
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Additional income (traders, merchandise, advertising etc.)
  5. Amount requested from Southwark Council’s Cultural Celebrations Fund


  1. Creative content
  2. Participatory activity
  3. Event Infrastructure eg generators, marquees, radios, toilets, fencing, power etc
  4. Event services e.g security, stewarding, first aid provision
  5. Event administration (coordination and management)
  6. Accessibility and equality measures
  7. Marketing and communications
  8. Contingency

Southwark Council will be responsible for providing:

  • event operations support; reviewing event management plans and advising on the use of event sites
  • marketing and promotion of your event across all appropriate council communication channels, such as social media and press releases
  • support in connecting to local groups and organisations
  • support in connecting to local traders, artists and performers

Selection process

  • all proposals will be reviewed and shortlisted by a selection panel
  • the panel may wish to meet you to discuss your proposals in more detail
  • successful applicants will be notified in July 2021

Selection criteria

Your application will be assessed on how it:

  1. Supports the council’s Fairer Future Commitments of creating a vibrant Southwark
  2. Supports the three themes from the council’s Cultural Strategy:
    • creative economy
    • creative growth
    • creative people
  3. Supports the Borough Plan 2020 commitments to Southwark Stands Together and the climate emergency declaration

We'll also consider:

  • how your event delivers against the requirements set out in what we are looking for
  • cost and value for money
  • event and site feasibility
  • previous experience of delivering outdoor festivals and events
  • event impact on local environment and public realm
  • event accessibility and inclusivity
  • geographical spread of the Cultural Celebrations programme across the borough

Your application

Applications have now closed. The deadline was 21 June 2021.

The application form covered the following:

  1. About you
  2. Creative proposal
  3. Achieving your aims
  4. Event management plan (EMP)
  5. Marketing and communications plan
  6. Experience and credentials
  7. Southwark connection(s)
  8. Budget
  9. Evidence from HRMC of employment or organisation status
  10. Additional information


  • announcement of funding - 4 June 2021
  • deadline for applications - 21 June 2021
  • interviews - week commencing 28 June 2021
  • event delivery - 17 July 2021 to 31 March 2022


For further information, call the events team on 020 7525 3422 or email us.

Page last updated: 22 June 2021

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