Many people value their independence but need some extra support to achieve it. This is where homecare (also known as domiciliary care) can help.

Homecare is a service provided by paid care workers in your own home to help you manage day-to-day tasks. Support can include (but is not limited to) personal care, giving medication, washing, help with getting out and about, shopping and help getting onto a course. Homecare can also be arranged to provide short term support in an emergency or to allow family or friends a break from caring.

You can arrange your own services by employing a professional directly through a homecare agency. If you feel this kind of support would help you, we advise that you choose a worker that is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so that you can be sure the provider follows the national standards. You can search for homecare providers on the Care Quality Providers website.

Choosing a homecare service

The following questions are useful to consider when choosing your homecare:

  • Is there an out-of-hours or emergency contact in case you need it?
  • Can they help you at the times of day or night if you need them?
  • What training and supervision do they provide for their care workers?
  • Are the workers trained to meet your particular health condition/s?
  • How will the homecare provider make sure you are happy with their service?

You may not always be able to access the same homecare assistant due to their availability and working hours. If it’s important to you to receive support from just the one member of staff in your home you may need to consider using a personal assistant.

Personal assistants

A personal assistant is a particular individual that you choose and employ to give you the support you need, in the way that suits you best. Some people prefer having a personal assistant because they would rather receive support from just one person that they know and trust.

Personal assistants can help with a range of activities, such as cooking, cleaning, help with personal care (such as washing and dressing), and other activities such as getting out in your community.

Support arranging homecare

You can ask us to arrange your services for you if you are unable to do this independently.

We will arrange homecare for you if you receive care and support from us and we assess that you would benefit from homecare to stay safe and independent at home. You may need to contribute to the cost of the homecare following a financial assessment.

Page last updated: 30 April 2018