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Taking care of yourself

Below are some of the key areas that are important to consider to help you maintain good health and wellbeing when you‘re providing support (caring) to a family member/friend.

Your health and wellbeing

The following can help you keep well so you can continue to care for your family/friend:

  • try to eat a well-balanced diet, with five portions of fruit and vegetables every day if possible
  • try to get regular exercise as it’s good for your health, both physically and mentally
  • try to get enough sleep
  • try to spend time enjoying hobbies and interests
  • visit your GP on a regular basis to get a check up on your health

Taking a break

It‘s important to take a break from caring when you can. Many people find that taking the time to do things they enjoy helps them to continue caring for their loved one/s. It can be difficult to find the time to take a break. Try to do something you enjoy everyday. Breaks can be short, for example reading the paper or going for a coffee. By taking regular breaks you may find you‘re able to support yourself and the person you care for better.

Managing stress and depression

If you‘re struggling to cope or are feeling depressed, anxious or stressed, talk to your GP. There is help available, such as counselling or extra support services. Please see our page about your mental health for more information including help in a crisis.

For further information and advice on taking care of yourself see below:

You can find a leaflet on this page under 'documents' that provides information about support for carers in Southwark. You can download and print the leaflet.

Page last updated: 15 June 2022


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