Local Care Record

The Local Care Record (LCR) is a secure electronic way to share information, between local health care organisations and adult social care professionals, who are involved in your care. 

Local Care Record

Health care organisations such as local GP surgeries, and local hospitals, have been able to share your health information with each other using the LCR for a few years.

It's now possible to share electronic information between the health care organisations using the LCR and Adult Social Care, to make sharing of information quicker and more secure.

Health care organisations and Adult Social Care already share information with each other by telephone, email and letter, to provide you with better care.

If you want to opt out of sharing your records via the LCR, complete the form located on the Kings Health Partners website.

For general enquiries, email localcarerecord@gstt.nhs.uk.

We asked representative service users for their views on sharing information via the LCR

In July 2018, we invited service users to join a Citizen’s Jury to hear their views about sharing information using the Local Care Record. 

The Jury met to hear from a range of expert witnesses - professionals and video presentations from service users. Jurors debated the evidence presented by the expert witnesses and developed a set of recommendations which they voted on to achieve consensus. 

We've created a ‘you said we will’ document explaining how Adult Social Care will share records in a way people have told us they'd like.

For further information about the LCR and the Citizen’s Jury, see the documents and resources on the right hand side of this page.


Page last updated: 15 January 2020

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