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Independent Support (Advocacy)

You may find it difficult to be fully involved in decisions that affect your life. This may be because you're unwell or are disabled, or perhaps due to information being complicated. An advocate may be helpful to you. An advocate is an appropriate person who can help you to express your needs and wishes.

Advocacy support - what we offer

We've made sure there are independent advocacy services available locally if you need them. We can provide you with an independent advocate if you're entitled to one under the law (The Care Act 2014, Mental Health Act 1983, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Health & Social Care Act 2012).

If it would be of benefit to you we'll make sure you have information about, and access to, an appropriate advocate to support you, whether you:

  • need support to make a decision because you are not able to make the decision yourself
  • have been detained in hospital to help you during a mental health crisis
  • need support to be involved in your Needs Assessment and Care & Support Planning

How an advocate can help you

Advocates are independent of the council (they're not council employees). They can help you to find the support you may need to reach the best outcome for you.

Advocacy in Southwark

You may also be able to access advocacy support from a wide range of community and voluntary organisations in Southwark. For more information visit our support and activities section.

Advocacy support for carers

If you're a carer and want information on advocacy, visit our independent support for carers page.

Page last updated: 26 July 2022

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