Care and support planning

Once we've assessed your care and support needs and identified that you meet the criteria for support from us, we'll develop a Care and Support Plan with you. For more information on the assessment criteria we use, see our decisions on care and support page. We may offer you rehabilitation and reablement support before we develop your Care and Support Plan with you.

We'll work with you and your support network (for example, a family member or friend) to create your Care and Support plan. If an advocate is assisting you they'll be able to support you during the care and support planning process (for more information, see our section on independent support).

Your Care and Support plan will be based on your needs, wishes and aspirations. The Care and Support Plan will include:

  • what support will help with your care and support needs
  • how much the support will cost (the personal budget)
  • what you want to achieve with the support (your goals), for example you want help with cooking or washing yourself

The plan will also include:

  • any care and support paid for by us
  • care and support provided by your relatives, friends or others
  • information about ways you can keep as independent, active and healthy as possible

For more information on how we can help with your care and support needs, see our How we can support you page.

Care and support plan reviews

So you get the right care and support when you need it we will review your Care and Support Plan within the first three months and at least once a year from then onwards. The review may result in a change in the support provided.

We may adapt your Care and Support (and also your personal budget) to take into account the care and support market place. This may mean that you won’t always receive the same level, or type, of support.

Page last updated: 27 March 2023

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